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Hello, and welcome to the Kane Jarrod website.

I guess if you are reading this page you have seen my images and you want to know more about who took them.

I have many years experience as a professional photographer. I completed an Advanced Certificate in Applied Photography at NMIT in 1993.
Thanks to an offer by one of my lecturers to assist with some wedding photo shoots, I started my career as a wedding photographer.
A very fast paced couple of years as an apprentice shooting as second photographer and I was ready to go out on my own.  

My many years of experience shooting weddings, is a testament to my love and dedication in capturing beautiful images.
This is a full time job and not just a hobby! There is no “Take two” on your wedding day so do your homework before selecting your wedding photographer.

My style is very relaxed, unobtrusive, natural and creative – and I absolutely love what I do. That’s no cliché!

Working with established portrait and wedding photographers, I also trained with some of the best wedding photographers in Australia and the UK. 

Becoming a photographer has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Nothing excites me more than doing what I love most – being behind the camera. The excitement of the day ahead, all the moments waiting to be captured,
the characters, the emotions, the love…. it’s all there, crammed into one long lovely day. Photography as an art form has allowed me to express my
creativity and how I see the world. Capturing beautiful fun filled happy days, people, moments, all the things that make up a special moments in time.

My Style

In a nutshell, my style is a blend of natural, stylish, story-telling documentary coverage with creative portraiture.
I call it Landscape Journalism. Most of the day, I’m documenting the wedding and what’s happening with a relaxed, natural style and an eye for all the details.
My fly on the wall approach to covering your wedding day means it’s all about you relaxing and enjoying your day, not about the photography taking over.
I don’t direct things all day or tell you where to stand or interrupt the flow of the day’s events. Your wedding day happens as you intended it –
I love all the details, the characters, big and small moments that all make up a wedding, capturing things as they happen, real time.
Real moments. Real emotions. My aim is to blend-in, taking photos naturally whilst everyone is enjoying the day as I believe the best images are
ones taken in a less obvious way.

However, be open to a little guidance, photographically speaking as well. Your images will become award winning (Worthy of being put on the wall).
Don’t rely on a journalist coverage to successfully capture your entire day. Your day needs a little direction to look Journalistic.
That’s right. All the images on my web site “Look” accidental, but all have been given direction to make it look that way.
I believe every couple deserves a handful of gorgeous photos of them on their wedding day so we’ll work a bit of time into the
day to get some lovely, natural and creative images of you both. Whether you shy away from or come alive in front of the camera, I promise you’ll get some
lovely images and will enjoy being photographed.  

With simple story-telling coverage I also try to find creative and artistic ways to frame what I see, always going the extra
mile to help, support and put my clients at ease. It’s your day and I’ll help you make the most of it photographically.

Most weddings require a bit of formal photography as well (family) and I appreciate how important these may be for you.
I will also be sure to capture key family combinations and relevant group photos of your most important loved ones.

What Next

If you like my work, like to have a bit of fun and are a bit adventurous, then we could be a good fit, so drop me a line
and we can chat through the details of your day, what you have planned and your requirements. 

Get in touch via the contact us page and we’ll talk more!

I work through the details during the initial consultation, I personally photograph your wedding and l work with you on the
production of the album etc a totally hands-on approach from start to finish. Of most importance l take the relaxed approach to wedding photography.
Have a laugh and let me organise your day to be a photographic success.

I welcome the opportunity of discussing with you, your wedding requirements and developing a package that suits you and
your budget. The “packages” described in the fee pages of this website are indications only and are designed to give you an idea of what you might spend.
A “package” assumes everyone’s needs are the same which is obviously incorrect, so feel free to design a package that suits your budget and does justice
to your wedding day.

I would also welcome discussing other aspects of photography such as portraits and commercial projects with you.

Thank you.

Kane Jarrod Thompson